The leadership team has lots of years of combined scouting experience, and we're all too far gone to give it up now. . .

Oldman Dam viewpoint, on the way home from AJ99
"Not alot of gas left in the tank!"


Our survival technique has been "Strength in Numbers!" . . .

Scouter Carey

Scouter Margaret

Scouter Tom

Scouter Durran

Scouter Darla

GATOR - Scouter Eric

dad-cub.jpg (21107 bytes)A much younger Gator.

Gator is the old Akela from the 184th who followed his son up to Scouts. With 18 years in Scouting of which 5 years as a Cub leader and 10 years as a Scout and Venture leader. 



Lean-To using the patented "Don't go there" look!
Alberta Jamboree - July, 1999


Java Joe, Lean-To, & Yogi enjoying their "Morning Cup" at Miquelon Lake, Spring '99.

Ranger Smith, Blackie, & Boo Boo enjoying their hike with a view.


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